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Electric mobile racking offered by URGO Logistics Equipment Co.,Ltd
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Urgo electrical mobile racking system is a storage system of high-dencity. There is only one asile needed to handle goods, so the space is utilized great fully. Movement is achived by the motor-driven bearing trolley, on which the pallet racks or cantilever racks are installed. Movement velocity is controlled by the frequency conversion modulation, so the movement is very steady. The operation safety is guaranteed.
Advantage of URGO Electric Mobile racking:
1. Can "save aisle" and improve space utility
2. Higher storage efficiency, and less aisles. Not to search aisles for storage 
3. Simple structure and low trouble rate 
4. Safe, reliable, can be operated simply 
5. Can be used by hand when there is no power 
6. Compared with the old price, it is much cheaper 
7. Suitable for using in freezer and explosion-protection situation
Advantages of URGO Electric Mobile racking without rails:
1. No construction on the floor;
No mount on the floor lead it to be more convenient for forklift to drive in; without guide rail construction causes short period of delivery; 10~15 days will be saved compared with the one using guide rails; the floor will not be damaged and the construction is simple. It is easy for moving. 
2. Maintenance
EP wheels make the maintenance more convenient;
Chains which are not needed for driving directly make it more convenient.
Advantage of URGO Electric Mobile racking with rails:
1. Greater load capacity 
2. Can be manufactured higher 
3. Higher reliability 
4. Easy to be manipulated 
5. Much cheaper than the one without guide rail and its cost is low 

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